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Win the Tough Battle of Improving Quality from Following to Leading - Perspective on the Construction of “Applied Technology of Construction Machinery Group” by Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College

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Situationer from News Center (Text by Wei Linhua from School of Automotive Engineering and Yang Lin from Publicity Department of Party Committee, Photos by Zhu Jingmin from Publicity Department of Party Committee and Wei Linhua from School of Automotive Engineering) Just the other day Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College (hereinafter referred to as “LVTC”) received the first payment of nearly USD60,000 for cooperative services from AHQ Group in Saudi Arabia, which meant that the vocational education standards for applied technology of construction machinery of LVTC would be applied in Saudi Arabia, and LVTC became the first higher vocational college in the field of construction machinery to realize standards output.

A national demonstrative higher vocational college located in Southwest Minority Areas and a group of construction technology built by only 62 higher vocational colleges in China, has finally become the setter of advanced standards after the introduction, internalization, digestion, integration and innovation of international advanced standards, realizing the transcendence from following to leading.

Unique advantage of professional groups in running schools, support the development of local pillar industries

Liuzhou is the fourth largest manufacturing city of construction machinery in China, owning over 210 construction machinery related enterprises, such as Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LiuGong”), Huali, GCIC, OVM, etc., and has formed more than 200 leading products including LiuGong loader, excavator, OVM anchoring system, showing prominent industrial cluster effect. In the field of commercial vehicles, it has two complete commercial vehicles including DFLZM and FAW Liute, and four special vehicle manufacturers. The professional group is backed by the industrial Liuzhou, and cooperates with LiuGong, DFLZM, GCIC and other enterprises. It has unique industrial advantages in running schools.

LVTC is built because of the city and education is developed because of industry. LVTC has always been striving forward together with the development of regional economy and society. While providing strong talent support for Liuzhou and Liuzhou industry, it has gradually formed its own high-level higher vocational education paradigm with distinctive features.

As the first listed company in Guangxi, LiuGong is praised as “procession leader of China's construction machinery industry”. Wang Xiangmin, deputy party secretary of LiuGong group, said, “LiuGong has more than 8,000 employees in China, and more than 2,000 of them graduated from LVTC. 80% of the core technical posts such as first-line team leader are graduates of LVTC. More than 20% of the management and technical posts like overseas service personnel are graduates of LVTC!” His words summarize the outstanding contributions of applied technology of construction machinery group in LiuGong's 60 years development history. Since the 1990s, professional group has established a deep cooperative relationship with LiuGong to help LiuGong conduct trial production of new products. From jointly organizing “excavator class” and “overseas specialist class”, supporting LVTC to apply for the applied technology of construction machinery, LiuGong international training department is integrated into the global corporate training network jointly built by LVTC. Then, the college and enterprise cooperate with each other to carry out international school running, and the professional group has grown from LiuGong “excellent supplier” to “strategic partner”. Depending on the enterprise as lips and teeth, planning and developing together with enterprise, the professional group has gone through the glorious course from “cultivating people who go out” to “going out to cultivate people” today.

Based on years of experience and mode of cooperation with LiuGong, the professional group has been expanding the scope of cooperation. Backed by the industrial Liuzhou, it faces the cluster with similar industrial background of construction machinery and commercial vehicles. And its features and advantages are constantly highlighted, becoming a talent pool and innovation source for promoting the international development, transformation and upgrading of local enterprises in Liuzhou.

For many years, as the only local higher vocational college offering applied technology of construction machinery and commercial vehicle direction in automobile, LVTC and LiuGong have started the “cooperation journey” since the 1990s. From school helping enterprises to carry out new product trial production, to jointly organizing “excavator class” and “overseas specialist class” by college and enterprise, and then to the enterprise fully supporting LVTC to apply for the major of “applied technology of construction machinery", the college and enterprise have carried out a series of in-depth cooperation in personnel training, technological innovation, social services, employment and entrepreneurship, forming a “College-Enterprise community of common destiny” for common development.

Service system has been organized through cooperation with enterprises such as LiuGong and DFLZM, covering trial production of new products, co-foundation of practical training bases, order-oriented cultivation, training of global dealers and staff as well as technical research; wherein, the annual output of trial production of new products totaled CNY1.1 million approximately, and nearly 3,900 trainings for global dealers, which effectively supports the development of local engineering vehicle industry.



Typical Distribution of Graduates of “LiuGong-LVTC Overseas Specialist Class”

Guiding the Construction and Reform of National Teaching Resource Library System with Conspicuous Achievements in Major Building

As the only higher vocational college in Liuzhou that has established the “major of technical application of construction machinery” and that has set up the direction of commercial vehicles in the specialty of automobile or similar, LVTC upholds the educational path of profound industry-education integration and college-enterprise cooperation and it keeps deepening comprehensive reform on the improvement of both morality and skills as well as the combination of learning with working, to provide enterprises like LiuGong and DFLZM with trial production of new products and order-oriented cultivation. Converting mission to responsibility, LVTC has gained reputable quality hailed by all sectors of the society. The first employment rate of graduates reaches 91.67% and the counterpart employment rate reaches 90.32%; besides, 93.18% of the employers show their satisfaction.

Specialty cluster contributes to fruitful achievements, guiding the construction and reform of national teaching resource library system. LVTC has gained two second prizes of National Teaching Achievement Award and presided over a national professional teaching resource database (alternative). There are two national modern apprenticeship experimental specialties, a key specialty of national model college, an experimental specialty in national educational reform, two national advanced courses, two sharing courses about national quality courses and an excellent teaching team of autonomous region level. One of graduates has gained The National May Labor Medal.

As the first host unit, collaborated with LiuGong, LVTC has made the project of national professional teaching resources database (alternative) in 2018 approved by utilizing Chinese and English teaching resources databases about technical specialties in joint efforts with 19 secondary and higher vocational colleges. So far more than 3,800 resources have been built up; among which, video resources account for nearly 60%. Seven English-version core professional courses have been set up in the 34 prepared courses. After the completion of the bilingual resources databases, LVTC will achieve the goal that the resources are shared with the output of professional standards for construction machinery. It will facilitate the higher educational quality based on international cooperation and lead to the informatization teaching reform among collaborative partners.

To upgrade global training, the training center of LiuGong International Business Department and Peng Zhifeng Master Studio were overall relocated to Guantang new campus. LVTC provides the site and LiuGong provides most of equipment to jointly build the “Global Training Base for Sales and Maintenance of Engineering Machinery” which is a production training base under the national innovation action plan. The base covers an area of about 27,000 square meters and the total investment was CNY80 million. In addition to a 30-mu outdoor experience field, it includes an indoor training base which provides all practical trainings on engines of engineering machinery and hydraulics, etc. In addition to provision of order-type education, it also provides trainings for global dealers and employees, offers driving and operating experience for customers, hosts global skills competitions and cooperates with other institutions to carry out education reform, scientific study and international exchange. It provides near 3,900 trainings for LiuGong’s global dealers and receives more than 2,000 domestic visitors annually. Furthermore, it has hosted two sessions of LiuGong’s Global Technical Skills Competition. Currently, it is the largest innovation development platform of engineering machinery with the most complete equipment and most profound college-enterprise cooperation among the higher vocational colleges in China.

It’s worth mentioning that the specialty cluster closely follows the development of new technologies and new services such as industrial Intelligence and big data. The team is timely adjusted and excellent teachers are mobilized across different specialties and departments, so as to work with enterprises to construct an integrated cross-border international college-enterprise mixed teaching team. The specialty cluster adopts a college-enterprise dual responsible person system. Professor-level senior engineers of LiuGong are re-employed to serve as the responsible person of specialty cluster team of enterprises. The teaching team consists of 43 persons, including 21 trainers from enterprises. Among them, 14 persons are able to perform bilingual teaching and will provide trainings for global dealers. The specialty cluster team has completed the preparation of specialty standards, practical training base construction standards, students and teachers certification standards and matching PPT and teaching materials and accomplished the development of 6 types of teaching instruments. At the same time, the college has established two doctorial studios. Furthermore, it has flexibly introduced the R&D team from Hu’nan University to jointly build NVH Engineering Technology Center which will carry out technical R&D of key technologies such as intellectual technology, engine emission and vibration and noise reduction of engineering vehicles. 19 research programs have been approved and 25 patents have been achieved.


2018 LiuGong’s 3rd Global Technical Skills Competition
Held at LVTC Guantang Campus


Group Photo of 29 Competitors from 14 Countries




Document Snapshot


College and Enterprises Going Out Hand in Hand to
Output China’s Vocational Education Standards

With deepened cooperation with the college and LiuGong Group, the college has gradually developed from an “excellent supplier” to a “strategic partner” of LiuGong and takes initiatives to participate in supply-demand matching and process reengineering. Since 2003, the specialty cluster has worked with LiuGong to open customized “overseas specialists class” in order to meet the global demand for dealers. The college works with the enterprises to provide international education and jointly prepared the standards for the specialty of international general engineering machinery, going out hand by hand to take a critical leap from “cultivation of talents for the outside world” to “cultivation of talents in the outside world”.

In 2017, LVTC and LiuGong jointly established the “Global Customer Experience Center” with global coverage. The Center consists of 4 domestic sub-centers in Bengbu, Zhenjiang, Changzhou and Wuxi and 8 overseas sub-centers in Thailand, India, Middle East, Poland, Russia, North America, South America and South Africa, forming an enterprise training network of global coverage with Liuzhou as its core and headquarters. Through sharing of online resources, the trainings of LiuGong are globally synchronized. Based on this network, the college and LiuGong also make exploration of provision of international education. AHQ Institute is the first international cooperative education program promoted by the two parties. In this program, the Saudi Arabian party provides hardware construction; the college provides standards output and student certification; and LiuGong provides technical support. Currently, LVTC has completed the full-range output of specialty standards, courses standards, students classification and certification standards, teachers classification and certification standards, practical training room construction standards and matching PPT, training materials and test banks and received the first sum of education service fees of USD 60,000. In June 2019, professional teachers of the college will travel to Saudi Arabia to perform trainings and certification for their teachers, so as to solve insufficiency of supply of overseas talents during the course of LiuGong’s global development. The teaching achievement of “Research and Practice of Cultivation of International Technological and Skilled Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges to Match Advanced Standards and Help Regional Enterprises ‘Go Out’” won the second prize of National Teaching Achievements Award in 2018.

By taking the advantage of high-level higher vocational education program, the reform of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College will be more vigorous and with endeavors of all teachers and students, better days are ahead!

In the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, it was proposed that “We will continue to promote land, sea, air and cyber connectivity and develop high-quality, sustainable, resilient, affordable, inclusive and accessible infrastructure”. The industry of engineering vehicles in China will welcome a new fast development which also brings new opportunities for construction and development of the specialty cluster of application techniques of engineering machinery. The college will promote the construction of international high-level specialty cluster in an all-round way to provide a “LVTC Example” for the world’s vocational education with regard to construction of specialty cluster of application techniques of engineering machinery.


LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center Officially Put into Service
on March 27, 2017



International Open Platform Integrating Multiple Functions Such As Training, Teaching, Vocational Skills Appraisal and Skills Competition
Officially Put into Service


Map of Training Network with Global Coverage



Group Photo of Leaders and Project Team Members from LVTC, LiuGong and AHQ Group